2021 Newmarket U11 Tournament

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December 3rd, 4th, 5th 2021`

Our 70th Season

For 69 years the Newmarket U11 Tournament was the Newmarket Atom Tournament


This is an "A" and "AA" tournament and there are four divisions including U11 AA and A as well as U10 AA and A.

A maximum of eight teams will be accepted in each of the four divisions. Each division will advance four teams to the semi-finals. The winner of the semi-finals will play for the tournament championship in their respective division.

The O.M.H.A. sanction number is N/A for 2021 and only rostered teams, (players and staff) will be considered for acceptance. The usual letters of permission, travel permits (where required) and the team rosters (OMHA) must be presented to the tournament office before your team is allowed to play.


  1. All teams must register in the arena Tournament Office one (1) hour prior to each game. Hockey Canada/USA Hockey registration cards/roster sheets will be checked prior to the first game. Game sheets will be checked prior to each subsequent game against the approved roster. Should the "game schedule" be ahead of time, teams are to be ready to start up to fifteen (15) minutes early. Any team unable to ice six players by schedule starting time shall be declared the loser, with the opposing team being declared the winner by a score of 1 − 0 and shall be awarded six points. Teams that forfeit their second game shall be suspended from further play in the tournament.
    Note: Team managers must bring locks for the dressing room doors.
  2. Games shall consist of three 12-minute stop time periods. One 30 second time-out is allowed for each team only during the semi-final and championship games. If one team is leading by a minimum of five (5) goals in the third period, a "mercy rule" may be imposed if agreed to by both coaches and the referee and "run time" will be used for as long as the five (5) goal differential is maintained. Coaches should consider the point accumulation structure outlined below.
  3. The winners of each group after 3 games is decided by:
    1. Most points gained: 5 points for a win: 2.5 points for a tie: 0 points for a loss. In addition to points for a win or a tie, one point will be awarded for each period won during the game to a maximum of three. (No points for an overtime or tied period)
    2. If two teams in a group are tied for points, the tie will be broken by the following method:
      1. winner of the game between the two teams
      2. highest total goals scored by each team
      3. lowest total goals allowed by each team
      4. most total periods won by each team
      5. if after the above, the teams are still tied, the team that scored the tying goal in the game between each other would be declared the winner.
  4. Each team may register a maximum of twenty−one players including two goalkeepers (includes A/Ps).
  5. This tournament is governed by the OMHA and as such OMHA rules apply.
  6. The Newmarket Minor Hockey Association and the U11 Tournament Committee will not be responsible for injuries incurred by any players or team officials. Organizations and teams will be responsible for their own insurance coverage.
  7. Overtime (applies to semi-final and final games): If a game is tied at the end of regulation time, the game will be decided by the first goal scored in a five-minute stop-time overtime period (teams will play 5 on 5). If the game is still tied at the end of the overtime period, a shoot-out will decide the winner. Each team will select three players to shoot. The home team will take the first shot, alternating thereafter. The team with the most goals scored after three shooters will be declared the winner. If the teams are still tied, the shootout will continue with pairs of shooters in a "sudden death" format. Shooters cannot repeat until all players have shot. Order of shooters is coaches’ choice.
  8. The tournament committee reserves the right to make all decisions regarding the tournament rules, regulations, objections or protests involving all conduct of the tournament and as such all decisions will be final.


All games of the Newmarket U11 Tournament are scheduled at the Magna Center which contains all three ice pads used by the tournament.