Newmarket U11 Tournament

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2020 Season on Hold due to COVID19

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For 69 years The Newmarket U11 Tournament was The Newmarket Atom Tournament.


U11 AA
Gm Day Time Home Room Visitor Room Rink
29Fri06:00 pmNewmarket Redmen6Stouffville Clippers 8Scotiabank
30Fri06:15 pmTNT Tornadoes 2Flamborough Sabres4Honda
31Fri06:55 pmAurora Tigers9Windsor Jr. Spitfires 11Pfaff
32Fri07:10 pmKanata Blazers5Pickering Panthers 7Scotiabank
37Sat12:00 pmTNT Tornadoes 6Newmarket Redmen8Scotiabank
38Sat12:15 pmFlamborough Sabres2Stouffville Clippers 4Honda
39Sat12:55 pmKanata Blazers9Aurora Tigers11Pfaff
40Sat01:10 pmPickering Panthers 5Windsor Jr. Spitfires 7Scotiabank
45Sat04:55 pmNewmarket Redmen1Flamborough Sabres3Honda
46Sat05:35 pmStouffville Clippers 9TNT Tornadoes 11Pfaff
47Sat05:50 pmAurora Tigers5Pickering Panthers 7Scotiabank
48Sat06:05 pmWindsor Jr. Spitfires 2Kanata Blazers4Honda
51Sun12:15 pmFlamborough Sabres6Aurora Tigers8Scotiabank
52Sun12:30 pmPickering Panthers 2TNT Tornadoes 4Honda
54Sun06:15 pmAurora Tigers2Pickering Panthers 4Honda
U11 A
Gm Day Time Home Room Visitor Room Rink
25Fri04:35 pmNewmarket Redmen9North Durham Warriors 11Pfaff
26Fri04:50 pmNorth York Knights5Markham Waxers 7Scotiabank
27Fri05:05 pmAurora Tigers 1Georgina Blaze3Honda
28Fri05:45 pmWhitby Wildcats 10TNT Tornados12Pfaff
33Sat09:40 amNorth York Knights6Newmarket Redmen8Scotiabank
34Sat09:55 amMarkham Waxers 2North Durham Warriors 4Honda
35Sat10:35 amWhitby Wildcats 9Aurora Tigers 11Pfaff
36Sat10:50 amTNT Tornados5Georgina Blaze7Scotiabank
41Sat03:30 pmNewmarket Redmen5Markham Waxers 7Scotiabank
42Sat03:45 pmNorth Durham Warriors 2North York Knights4Honda
43Sat04:25 pmAurora Tigers 10TNT Tornados12Pfaff
44Sat04:40 pmGeorgina Blaze6Whitby Wildcats 8Scotiabank
49Sun11:00 amNorth York Knights5Whitby Wildcats 7Scotiabank
50Sun11:15 amGeorgina Blaze1Markham Waxers 3Honda
53Sun04:45 pmNorth York Knights1Georgina Blaze3Honda
U10 AA
Gm Day Time Home Room Visitor Room Rink
3Fri02:45 pmNewmarket Redmen1Pickering Panthers 3Honda
4Fri03:25 pmSeaway Valley Rapids10Caledon Hawks12Pfaff
5Fri03:40 pmNorth Durham Warriors6Vaughan Rangers8Scotiabank
6Fri03:55 pmAurora Tigers 2North Bay Trappers 4Honda
9Sat08:15 amSeaway Valley Rapids9Newmarket Redmen11Pfaff
10Sat08:30 amCaledon Hawks5Pickering Panthers 7Scotiabank
11Sat08:45 amAurora Tigers 1North Durham Warriors3Honda
12Sat09:25 amNorth Bay Trappers 10Vaughan Rangers12Pfaff
15Sat02:05 pmNewmarket Redmen10Caledon Hawks12Pfaff
16Sat02:20 pmPickering Panthers 6Seaway Valley Rapids8Scotiabank
17Sat02:35 pmNorth Durham Warriors1North Bay Trappers 3Honda
18Sat03:15 pmVaughan Rangers9Aurora Tigers 11Pfaff
21Sun09:45 amSeaway Valley Rapids6Vaughan Rangers8Scotiabank
22Sun10:00 amNorth Bay Trappers 2Newmarket Redmen4Honda
24Sun03:15 pmVaughan Rangers2North Bay Trappers 4Honda
U10 A
Gm Day Time Home Room Visitor Room Rink
1Fri02:15 pmNewmarket Redmen9Bradford Bulldogs11Pfaff
2Fri02:30 pmMarkham Waxers5Toronto Wolverines 7Scotiabank
7Fri07:25 pmToronto Wolverines 1Newmarket Redmen3Honda
8Fri08:05 pmBradford Bulldogs10Markham Waxers12Pfaff
13Sat11:05 amNewmarket Redmen1Markham Waxers3Honda
14Sat11:45 amToronto Wolverines 10Bradford Bulldogs12Pfaff
19Sun08:30 amBradford Bulldogs5Toronto Wolverines 7Scotiabank
20Sun08:45 amMarkham Waxers1Newmarket Redmen3Honda
23Sun01:45 pmBradford Bulldogs1Markham Waxers3Honda

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