2019 Newwmarket U11 Tournament

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2020 Season on Hold due to COVID19

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For 69 years The Newmarket U11 Tournament was The Newmarket Atom Tournament.

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The entry fee is $1050.00. An inter-branch fee is required for teams outside the OHF. There is no extra fee for teams from the Alliance, GTHL, NOHA or other OMHA centres. Fill in the web based Registration Form and then choose your Payment Method.

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Please select both a Division and a Level then click "Customize" before proceeding to the Registration Form.

Once Division and Level are selected, Managers may click here to access the Registration Form.

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Teams may pay the registration fee using one of the two options below.

  1. e-transfer

    • Send an email to don.cornell@rogers.com . This email MUST contain the name of your team that is registering for the tournament, password for the etransfer you will send, name of the person who will send the etransfer, and their email address.
    • Send your etransfer to the email address don.cornell@rogers.com
    • Make sure the amount of the etransfer is $1050.00
    • In the message section of your etransfer put your NAME and your TEAM NAME.
    • Send.

    ***NOTE: Make sure how you type your password in the first EMAIL is how you type it on your ETRANSFER. If the passwords are different for any reason (CAPS, SPACING, NUMBERS etc.) your ETRANSFER will not be received and you will NOT BE REGISTERED for the tournament.***

  2. Mail Cheque(s)

    • Teams may pay the entry fee in two instalments by mailing two cheques (payable to Newmarket U11 Tournament)
    • the first cheque is a current dated deposit for $150.00
    • the second cheque may be post-dated to October 1st of the current year for the remaining $900.00.
    • Mail your cheques to - Don Cornell, 369 Dixon Blvd., Newmarket, ON L3Y 5C5.
    • Please ensure your Team Name, Division and Contact Info is included.

    We look forward to the opportunity of hosting your team in Newmarket!

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